Meeting - April 1997

April 97

  • The meeting was attended by 23 members and visitors (incl committee).
  • The Honey Cup and a certificate and miniature were presented to the winner of the liquid honey competition, John Robson.
  • Details of the new hobbyist beekeepers statutory declaration were explained by Frank Lindsay. The completed forms need to be verified by a J.P.
  • Carl Aageson advised that all his beekeeping equipment was for sale.
  • Secretary advised that all outstanding extractor hire fees should be paid to the treasurer.
  • Varroa disease was explained by Frank Lindsay, and its potential effect on beekeeping in New Zealand and worldwide was outlined.
  • Doug Purdie outlined the danger of pollen collectors over hive entrances becoming blocked with dead drones.
  • Frank Lindsay explained in detail the benefits and disadvantages of supersedure queens versus new commercially produced queens.
  • The export trade of new queens to Canada was also discussed.
  • A video entitled "The Bad back" was shown emphasising the importance of bending your knees when lifting, as opposed to using your back as a crane.
  • Ivan Pedersen outlined the details of a new Danish made machine which he had recently imported, for producing wax foundation from recovered wax. He translated a demonstration video which showed the machine in use in Denmark.
  • Ivan also demonstrated a Danish un-capping knife which consisted of a small spatula like device with a number of protruding prongs to get under and lift the capping.

Meeting closed at 10pm with supper.