Meeting - August 2001

Minutes of August Meeting

PRESENT: Frank Lindsay (Pres.), Mary Ann Lindsay (Treas.), John Burnet (Sec.), and 27 members and visitors as listed in the attendance book.

APOLOGIES: Nancy Fithian, John Robson, Pam McDowell, Amor Walter, Ken Breden, Andrew Yung, Wayne Newby.

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: Minutes of Meeting held 11 June 2001 as detailed in July newsletter were read and confirmed.

MATTERS ARISING: Diseaseathon: Treasurer advised that $800 had been received from NBA. Andrew Beach was to investigate GPS models available and purchase two.


President outlined outcome of recent mediation meeting held in Taupo where it had been suggested that tougher conditions were required to prevent a repeat of the current apiary dumpsite problem in the buffer zone. Various options were suggested including either a new demarcation line from Paekakariki to Rimutaka Summit (affecting four beekeepers) or using Cook Strait as a natural buffer but widened so that Wellington City became a bee-free zone. Currently the existing line is being held and the recently discovered infected hives are either being treated or moved north.

Government has recently confirmed allocation of $290,000 grant from the Sustainable Farming Fund to assist affected commercial beekeepers

MAF plan to distribute their Varroa handbook to all beekeepers at the end of August. A road show was planned for Sept, aimed initially at commercial beekeepers with hobbyists included later, starting in Northland and working south.


Members were reminded of the Camp Rangi weekend – 60 participants had registered so far however there was still room for a few more.

The President and Treasurer were looking forward to attending the annual NBA conference in Queenstown later in the month.

Frank reported he recently had to super a hive in the Aro Valley as the bees were white waxing the top bars due to flowering eucalyptus (in mid winter!). Tree Lucerne was also now flowering and pussy willow was only two or three weeks away.

Following a member enquiry Frank suggested a sloping ramp in front of the bottom board to assist bees returning to the hive in very cold weather.

Foundation size was discussed and it was agreed the Secretary would send emails to NZ Wax and Ceracell to complain that undersized foundation resulted in a gap along the bottom bar. This in turn resulted in bees building drone cells which was instrumental in the spread of varroa.

PRESENTATION: Bernie & Lynne Long gave a fascinating and very entertaining talk on their recent two year term as Volunteers at a Catholic Mission in Papua New Guinea.

Meeting closed at 9.30 with usual supper.

John Burnet