Meeting - November 2001

Minutes of November Meeting

PRESENT: Andrew Beach (Vice Pres.), Mary Ann Lindsay (Treas), John Burnet (Sec.) and 23 members as listed in the attendance book.

APOLOGIES: Frank Lindsay (Pres), Ernst Segessenmann, John Wallace, Geoff Monk, Wrae Duncan, Deborah Patterson.

NEW MEMBERS & VISITORS: Jenny Wilkinson (Chartwell), Amanda Beauchamp (Brooklyn)

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: Minutes of meeting held 8 October as detailed in the November newsletter were read and confirmed.

MATTERS ARISING: Club field day – Cancelled on three scheduled days due to adverse weather – will now likely be held in autumn.

Varroa Update – Vaughan Kearns and Mary Ann Lindsay spoke about the recent varroa inspection of hives in the "Waimarino bubble". Because of his local knowledge and personal interest Vaughan had been directly assisting with MAF’s inspection of all Waimarino hives over the winter and all members wished to acknowledge and record its appreciation for Vaughan’s major contribution with MAF on the varroa threat in this region. With regard to the Jerusalem outbreak, it was confirmed that any infected hives will require fumigation if moved outside the area. Bayvarol will be used on hives within 10km of the line – this can be safely used unlike Apistan.

Varroa Control – Richard Hatfield advised that the MAF approval process for the use of Lactic and Formic Acid was underway. Approval for a couple of organic control was also close. Bayvarol use was increasing compared with Apistan in Europe. Richard also outlined varroa control in Iceland.

GPS - Andrew Beach described his recent use of the instrument and outlined its anticipated benefits for both Club Diseasathon and MAF authorised hive inspections.

Telford Rural Polytechnic – New member Jenny Wilkinson outlined the two year correspondence course she had started with Telford. Nancy Fithian advised she had also completed seven modules of the same course. Both indicated the found the course easy to follow and beneficial in their beekeeping operations.

AFB – Further to last meeting it was confirmed that AFB had been recently discovered in Belmont , Akatarawa , bottom of Swamp Road (now known as Katherine Mansfield Drive), Whitemans Valley and also in Levin.

Diseasathon – Following a new member’s query, the procedure and process was described in detail. The Vice Pres suggested it was a great way for new beekeepers to see a range of different hives and methods in operation, some good and some neglected. He advised the next Diseaseathon would likely be held in March after the honey harvest.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Club’s bank account details were detailed to members.

GENERAL BUSINESS: Swarm Control – Andrew advised he had recently collected 11 swarms in two days – one in the pump shed attached to a spa pool. He then proceeded to show members his custom-made equipment (using an old garden sprayer and fire extinguisher with compressed air) specifically designed for eradicating unretrievable swarms or wasp nests. He also outlined the advantages and disadvantages and use of both carbaryl and petrol.

Member’s Query – Following a query the likely reasons for excessive drone numbers were discussed and this led to the issues of removing unwanted queens, two queen hives, single brood box hives, merging swarms, and supering up.

Meeting closed at 9:45pm with the usual supper enjoyed by all.

John Burnet