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Api Life Var with Hive Doctor

I've got a Hive doctor semi-vented base, does anyone have experience with using these with Api Life Var or Mite Away Strips? My understanding is that they rely on fuming the hive so I wonder if they're less effective in the semi-vented Hive Doctor base. Thanks

MAQS with Hive Doctor base

Hi Dave,

I use Hive Doctor bases and ventilated wooden  bases. I have used MAQS last season with good results on both.

Just note the day temperatures for it to be effective, and keep the entrance full open during the application.

It is a bit rough on the queens, so personally I will only use MAQS when there are bit more drones in the hives - in case a queen is damaged in one way or another during the treatment.

Watch this if you have not done so already: https://youtu.be/kxQwHir99vg



Hi Jan

Hi Jan


thanks for this






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