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Drone filled hive

I had my hive checked for AFB today. It seems as if the original queen had gone some time ago as there is little brood, but lots of drones. There is also a young queen (we think), picture attached. What options do I have? Jeremy Macy who did the inspection suggested either a new queen, or a new queen and a frame of brood, or a whole new nuc. He also suggested I ask on here.  All advice appreciated.

.Young queen

It would appear that your

It would appear that your hive swarmed, and that you now have a virgin queen freshly hatched.  Your best option is to wait a week or so and then inspect the brood frames to see if there are any eggs or young lavae.  If so, then the queen is mated and the hive will start building up again.  

If no eggs or brood after a couple of weeks, then you probably need to look at a new queen or combining it with another queen-right hive. Do you have more than one?

Thanks for your reply

I don't have another hive. There were some eggs laid on the side of the cells, some with more than 1 egg per cell. Jeremy thought it might be a worker bee laying or that the young queen is a bit useless. Given I don't have another hive, if she isn't laying should I just get a nuc and start again?

Hi Lisa.  Eggs on the side or

Hi Lisa.  Eggs on the side or multiple eggs per cell usually indicate a drone laying worker.  You should therefore re-queen your hive either with a new queen, or with a frame of brood that includes a queen cell.

If you can get a swarm or another nuc at an acceptable price, then you can combine them. Remember to put the new nuc/swarm on top.


Hi Lisa, how is your hive

Hi Lisa, how is your hive doing now? Did you sort the queen issue out?

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