Newsletter Archive

I have added over 340 old club newsletters to the website over the last few days (that is over 30 years worth :).  We need to thank Sandie Matcham who scanned to original paper copies in the club archive for this exercise.

The newsletter archive can be accessed from the "Newsletters" menu entry in the top bar, or for a summary table you can go to "".

The newsletter archive is complete back to February 1978 (the last 40 years), except for the following issues:

  • 1992: April
  • 1988: May, June, July, September
  • 1985: August, November
  • 1983: August
  • 1982: March, April, June
  • 1981: April
  • 1979: August, November

If you have a copy of any of these missing newsletters, then please let me know so we can scan it and add to the website archive.

There are a number of earlier newsletters in the archive, with the oldest being February 1966.  If you have copies of any old newsletters missing from the archive then please let me know so we can arrange to have them added.

Please note that none of these older newsletters have had any text extraction done from the PDF file, which would allow them to be able to be searched.  This is another project that may happen one day.