Facts about Tutin

Tutin toxin is potentially fatal to humans and can get into honey collected by bees in the Wellington region.

You need to understand the risks associated with Tutin and manage your hives to minimise these risks and keep your honey safe.

The following information will help you to do this.

The Bee Products Standards Council (PBSC) have produced a series or three pamphlets that explain what tutin is and how to manage it:

  1. Keep your honey safe
  2. Understanding Tutin and the Risks
  3. Brace yourself, summer is coming

Their video "Preventing toxic honey" gives a very good overview and useful advice on this matter too.

They also have an older document, "Is your honey safe?", reminding beekeepers of their reposnsibilities to ensure that any honey sold or partered is free of tutin toxin.

The New Zealand Food Safety Authority has a Compliance Guide to the Food (Tutin in Honey) Standard 2010 document