Newsletter - December 2016

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2016 Nuc's

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Hi there,

I have been waiting patiently for my Nuc to arrive. Just wondered if there is any approx.time we will get them yet?

Regards Wendy Henderson

Yes me too?

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I understand that it rained in Wellington for 62 of the 90 days of so called "spring". I think the NUC's are being sourced for the Manawatu? I am all ready to go but just need some bees. We are going away for 7 days over the Xmas period and I was hoping to get them settled in before we go. I have a two frame feeder that I am hoping will get them through our absence?

Storing wets

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For reasons too complicated to go in to I've been left, after extraction, with some full-frame foundation wets, which I need to store. I would be grateful of any advice about how best to do this, as I will be requiring them next season.