Crop Report, February 2001

Crop Report

Looks like an above average honey crop for our area. Some members have hives 8 high. Good early Kamahi and a long protracted pohutukawa flow. Bees were slow in going on to manuka but eventually did. Further north they received rain and clover has produced well. Now that we are in drought conditions most honey sources have dried up.

Generally over the country honey production has been mixed. Some up and some down. Manuka in the far north was rained out so will be in shortage. Bulk Prices for this honey have already risen to $5.00 per kg.

Frank Lindsay

In early January, Fritz Fuchs reported taking 32 Kg of honey on 28th December, and that the bees were working all of the boxes (back on the hive). Refer to the following photograph.

Fritz Fuchs and his hives - January 2001 Note the hive on the right is 11 supers high

Fritz Fuchs and his hives - January 2001. Note the hive on the right is 11 supers high!

Any other members with exceptional crops, or at least impressive hives?? Photos or other details welcomed.

One of my hives reached 8 supers (6 full depth and 2 3/4 depth) in mid-January. However, it has yet to be seen whether the bees have filled them all up. I believe that I have had the best season for years, in the Hutt Valley western hills. - James Scott.