Seven Queens

I have raised 7 queens from my grafting. Now for the mating. Should be laying and ready around the New Year. 


Mark 5628102



Grafting! Nice one Mark, do

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Grafting! Nice one Mark, do you have any pics?


Seven Queens

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Wow, well done - that's a great effort !



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Fantastic Mark,


I could be interested in one of your queens if you have a spare. I do have brood however not a lot so my queen is not strong.




Good news that at least you

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Good news that at least you have some brood to help you through.

I'll keep you posted on how my queens progress with laying.



Well done on finding the

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Well done on finding the forum!

I may be needing a queen too, I had some brood last time I looked but wouldn't be surprised if I need a new queen after all, so I'll be keeping my eye on this post.



7 Queens - the outcome

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6 out of my seven grafted queens have mated and are now laying well.

I have already used one to requeen the swarm that I caught from the Northcotes as this virgin mated during the bad spring weather and never really laid well. I will set up a friend- Shaun Beck (Muritai Rd) with a couple of Nucs. The others I have decided to keep so that I have the resources to step up the numbers in my next graft , which I hope to do next week. I intend to overwinter the next round and sell in spring.



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Do you have a mated queen available. Have a queen less hive. Reargards Barbara