I have completed another...

I have completed another queen rearing program with very good success. 25 Queen cells from 25 grafts 100% take. Grafted from the queen that I recently bought from the club and raised using the cloak board method. Very happy with the result. Queen cells due to emerge on Wed/ Thurs 1st -2nd Feb. Cells available for purchase $15 pick up on Monday or Tuesday. Otherwise I will be setting up a bunch of queen castles for mating and I will have mated Queens ready by mid Feb and nucs by end Feb. Mark 0274473337


Fantastic Mark, I'd love to

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Fantastic Mark, I'd love to see your setup some time! 



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i would like to buy 2 cells. 045262912 0274445380. thanx john mitchell.


What a pity I lost 10 cells

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What a pity I lost 10 cells to a rogue early hatcher that I must have missed spotting when I did my two inspections. Because the cell builder works best with heaps of nurse bees it is suggested that you put open 3-5 day old larvae either side of your grafts. This does leave you vulnerable to the bees raising their own queen cells from what must have been a 3 day old larvae in this case . I pulled down one rogue cell but must have missed this one. Gutted. Worst still the rogue still roams my hive and may even deal to the resident laying queen (my favourite). Hopefully they will co-habit until I get a chance to catch and squash the young killer.

Lesson learned .Next time I will  play safe by moving the grafted frame out of the cell builder once the cells are capped.



Mated Queen??

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Hi Mark, I would be interested in a mated queen, if a queen cell in a split hive doesn't survive.

Will you advise when/if you've got some or shall I text you and you can respond when one is ready??