DECA Test - Application Details

Competency Test under the DECA Scheme for Beekeepers


Bruce Stevenson, the PMS Advisor, Introduced the concepts and reasoning behind the competency test requirements under the Disease Elimination and Conformity Agreement (DECA) scheme. For a beekeeper to maintain their DECA they must take a Competency Test designed and administered by the Management Agency, the NBA. The NBA has decided to contract this out to me so that it can be independently administered.

This article informs you how to go about getting your competency test completed as a part of the requirement for your DECA.

Process:  The process for completing the competency test is as follows:

Decide on where and when you would like to take the test. Many of the NBA branches and local clubs are arranging suitable venues and dates. Also AgriQual and other commercial operations are likely to be offering competency test locations with or without training associated with it.

Fill out the form below. The Proctor is an independent person that will administer the exam on the day. Your local branch should be able to assist you with this. Send the form in to me at the address below with a cheque for $25 as fee for the test. Please send the form back 5 days before the intended date of the test.

You will then receive confirmation of the exam with a GST receipt.

Attend the exam, where the proctor will provide you with all of the materials except a pen! The proctor will return the completed exams to me.

Computer will mark the exams and the pass or fail notices automatically generated. This will then be sent to you directly. AgriQual will receive a list regularly of all of the successful candidates.

If you fail the test then you will need to take a course approved by the NBA and register to take the exam at $25. The training provider will supply you with a certificate that you must return with the exam papers or the registration. You can take the exam as many times as you wish.

Start Date: Applications can be received from the 1st November 1999. Any received before then will be processed on 1st November.

Confidentiality: All personal information remains confidential and will only be disclosed to AgriQual or other PMS contractor that the NBA determines when the person has passed the exam. Personal Information will be aggregated and depersonalised when reported for any other purpose.

You may request a copy of your personal information held by the Administrator by writing to the address below enclosing a cheque for $5. You can have your information corrected by returning the form with the corrected personal information.

Any questions to Mary-Ann Lindsay, ph 478 3367, e-mail

Application Form for Competency Test