Meeting - August 1998

Minutes of Meeting of 14th August 1998

PRESENT: Richard Hatfield (Pres.), Mary-Ann Lindsay (Treas.), John Burnet (Sec.) and 33 members and visitors as listed in the attendance book.

APOLOGIES: Andrew Beach, Andrew Yeung, Bernie Cox.

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: Minutes of previous monthly meeting held 8 June were read and confirmed.

MATTERS ARISING: James Scott confirmed the Club’s new Web page was now accessible (Address - Members’ ideas and material for the site would be appreciated.


Tony Buder advised on a recent visit to Europe he had discovered beekeepers in Crete were receiving crops of 10 kilos per hive and in Austria 10 - 15 kilos. This compares with the New Zealand average of 20 - 30 kilos per hive.

Camp Rangi field weekend was now fully booked with a good turnout from Wellington Club members. Warm coats, sleeping bags and gumboots would be required in addition to normal B/K gear.

Seasonal Management: The mild winter had already produced good crops in many areas - supering up may be required already. Queen breeding dependent on presence of adequate numbers of drones.

Following a member’s suggestion the new membership list will be distributed. Objectors are to advise James Scott prior to distribution.

Swarm List : Members willing to collect and those willing to receive swarms should contact Mary-Ann Lindsay to have their names added on this seasons list

Wasp Nests : Recommended solutions - Borer bomb & rubber tube (not plastic), Carbaryl, petrol and diesel (outside use only).


Frank Lindsay spoke about his recent six week visit to UK & Ireland and showed his video which covered in detail various UK beekeeper procedures and practices.

Meeting closed at 9:30 p.m. with supper.