Meeting - May 2002

Minutes of May Meeting

PRESENT: Frank Lindsay (Pres.), Mary Ann Lindsay (Treas.), John Burnet (Sec.) and 42 members as listed in the attendance book.

APOLOGIES: Gary Murphy, Andrew Yung

NEW MEMBERS & VISITORS : Don Bell (Pres NBA), Tim Leslie (Exec Sec NBA), Paul Bolger (MAF Biosecurity Authority)

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: Minutes of 8 April meeting as detailed in the May newsletter were confirmed.


Varroa Workshop: Frank advised the Varroa Control workshop for the Wellington hobbyist beekeepers would be held on Fri 14 June in the Khandallah Hall. The workshop will take three hours and all beekeepers should take their copy of the green "Control of Varroa" book plus pen and paper to tale notes. MAF will send full details to all registered beekeepers within the next few days.

Varroa Mesh : An offer to supply mesh at $860 per roll (which would cover 150 hives at $5.73 per hive) was discussed and the purchase of one roll for club members’ use was agreed upon (Beach/Scott).

Varroa Video : The Club had received from MAF a copy of the video "Control of Varroa" and this would be shown to members at a future meeting.


The NBA executive was introduced and they presented details of NBA’s proposal to introduce three new industry levies – a beekeeper registration or base levy, a hive levy (which would apply to ALL beekeepers) and a Commodity Levy (which would apply only to beekeepers with 10 or more hives). The proposed base levy was $16 and the proposed hive levy was 90 cents. This would mean that small hobbyist beekeepers would pay approx $20 per annum while a commercial beekeeper with, for example, 650 hives would pay $601. The Commodity Levy was proposed at 70 cents per hive.

Considerable discussion followed and all feedback and concerns were recorded by NBA and a summarised copy will be distributed to all beekeepers after all workshops have been held throughout NZ. All beekeepers were encouraged to write to the Minister of Biosecurity before 30 June detailing their concerns or support over the proposed Biosecurity Levy (Base/Registration & Hive Levy). Beekeepers affected by the Commodity Levy will be requested to vote on the proposal before 8 June.


Due to the smaller number of entries, the judges (Frank Lindsay & Julia Brooke-White) decided there would be one prize-winner in each section - the winner of the Liquid honey section was Fritz Fuchs and the winner of the Creamed honey section was Ken Breden.

The meeting closed at 9:00 pm with the usual supper and refreshments.

John Burnet