Meeting - October 1999

Minutes of October Meeting

PRESENT : Andrew Beach (Acting Pres.), Mary-Ann Lindsay (Treas.), John Burnet (Sec.) and 39 members and visitors as listed in the attendance book.

APOLOGIES : Richard Hatfield, Ken Breden, Cliff Hulston, Frank Clark, Andrew Yung, Marie Christofel, Robert Thomson.

NEW MEMBERS AND VISITORS : Peter Sorrenson (Tawa).

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING : Minutes of meeting held 13 September were read and confirmed.


DECA TRAINING : Andrew Beach, Frank Lindsay and Bill Allan attended the training course in Hamilton on 2 Oct. which they found educational and informative. The Wgton club training course (likely to be held on Sat 13 Nov) will be 4 hours duration followed by a 10-15 min exam. There will be multi-choice questions and photographs taken from the NBA Disease manual .

TREASURER’S REPORT : Working a/c $1,764, BL a/c $2,009, Goal a/c $3,073.


SWARMS : Members reported swarm season in full swing. With a mild winter and warm spring to date most hives had plenty of brood and this often led to overcrowding. This could be alleviated with the addition of another super added below any honey supers as the queen will not cross a super of honey or foundation.

REQUEENING : The importance of checking for queen cells at this time of the year was emphasised (looking first along the bottom bars of the upper brood box) It was also important to check for cells when installing or checking for the release of caged queens.

MEMBERS QUERIES : Issues discussed -

Making space in the broodnest, ensuring adequate stores (hives must have a minimum of 3 frames of honey), feeding hives (raw sugar, never white or brown, slows growth of strong hives, thick syrup for unaffected hive growth) moving hives, difficulty of introducing a yellow queen to black bees (easier to mongrelise hive with frame of yellow bees first).

DISEASEATHON : Procedures explained and participation recommended to new members in particular. Interest expressed by 20-30 members in participating in a diseasathon this year.

SEASONAL MANAGEMENT : Trees currently in flower - Cabbage tree, Rangiora, apple. Karaka when flowering is poisonous to bees.

Meeting closed at 9.00pm with supper.

John Burnet