Notices - October 1998

Membership List

A list of all current members of the association has been compiled and distributed to members with this newsletter. This list provides just the name, suburb and contact phone number to allow individual beekeepers to establish contact with other members in their area. Such contact can provide benefit by way of exchange of ideas, assistance with tasks such as extraction and sharing of lifts to/from meetings. If you do not want to be included on future lists, please advise James Scott on 565 0789 (

Swarm Collection

Please advise Mary-Ann Lindsay (478 3367) if you are interested in collecting swarms this season. Remember that the mild winter means that swarms may start earlier than usual this year. Swarms have started already - refer to article by Frank Lindsay on page 5.


A diseaseathon will be held this year in mid November. Areas to be covered will be Akatarawa and Waikanae. Keep yourself free to come and have a good day.

Photo Album

I have now started scanning photographs of local beekeeping activities for eventual posting to the Photo Album of our web site ( ). If any members have photos of activities (from recent or past times) or other bee related topics which would be of wider interest and are prepared to allow them to be included, please contact me on 565 0789 (or I would also like to include a section on the various local nectar and pollen sources which are important each month for our bees, and would welcome photos on those topics too. I have a number for Frank Lindsay that I am processing at present. Look out for this exciting addition to our web site.