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2 x 3/4 Depth Splits for Sale - $300 each

I've got two hives for sale, they're 3/4 depth splits that I made about 2 months ago. They both have mated laying queens and a whole lot of bees, I checked on them today and there's a great brood laying pattern. I'd prefer to sell with 20 plastic frames as I don't think the bees will fit in a single 10 frame box. I'd prefer if the purchaser brought their own hive boxes one weekend that we transferred the bees and frames into, then you can return after dusk to collect them. Happy to sell with the Bee club standard agreement, I don't anticipate there being any issues. My rego number is H6086 and we have had no issues with AFB.

$300 each hive including the 20 x 3/4 depth plastic frames.

Drop me an email - morrison.dave@gmail.com