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Bee hive wanted


I'm new to Wellington and bee keeping.

My plan is to come along to the bee keepers association meetings in September but in the meantime I am in search of a hive.

Does anyone have a hive for sale? Complete with bees?



Bee hive wanted

Hi Jonathan 

There are several members who currently have nucleus colonies for sale (either 5 frame nucs or 10 frame single box hives). Price will vary depending on gear provided with the bees and amount of honey stores. Look up nucs for sale in this forum.

However before getting any bees I would suggest you learn as much as you can about  beekeeping NOW - September is too late. Without essential beekeeping knowledge and some immediate hands-on experience the bees would have likely died by then.

Beekeeping meetings will resume on 7 Feb and we will have monthly field days at our Club apiary site at Chartwell every following weekend (weather permitting).



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