Bees in a tree - what to do


My neighbour came over yesterday to ask about bees in a tree near his property. I went and had a look, and yes, it looks like bees have made a hive on the inside of the tree. You can only see the bees going in and out of a small crack. Possibly where the tree has split, and is hollow on the inside. The bees are creating a bit of a problem, especially as his wife may be allergic to stings. 

He would like to be rid of them, but I'm not sure how to go about it, or what to suggest.


Any help would be appreciated.



Bees in a tree trunk

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Hi John

Three options available:

1) Leave the bees alone - without varroa treatment they are likely to die out withing six months.

2) Destroy the nest yourself with 'No Wasps' a carbaryl-based powder in a puff-pack you can buy from a hardware shop or garden centre.

3) Phone Paul Chapman at Pest Proof Pest Control (0800-77-66-33) who will remove the nest if feasible (he is a beekeeper) or destroy it depending on accessibility.

Whatever option chosen nest remnants and wax should be removed or sealed in to prevent another swarm being attracted to location next spring.



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