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Best way to start - rent/host a hive?

My wife and I are keen to ‘host or rent’ a beehive. However, after doing a quick Google it appears options are limited in the Hutt Valley? Someone suggested we sign up to the Wellington Beekeepers Association and ask around ?

We do like the idea of getting into the Hobby, but thought a good first step would be to rent a hive and see how it works for a year first. If it all goes well we would look to start learning the trade as a backyard hobby. The goal for us isn't so much to generate loads of honey, but rather support Bees in our area.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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happy to talk with you - which suburb do you live in?

027 311 8700

We live in Central Hutt not

We live in Central Hutt not too far from Eastern Hutt School. Would be happy to chat one evening later this week; what day works for you?


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