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Custom made light weight bee boxes

Kia ora,

I’d like to get some custom made bee boxes that are easier for me to lift. Am thinking 5-6 frame 3/4 quarter stackable boxes with bottom boards and fitted lids. Has anyone tried something like this? If a woodworker is willing to cut the pieces I can put it together. I know I can go to half frames but thought sitting two five frame boxes side by side would also work and save me having to change all my frame sizes down. Any takers?

Sounds like you are after a 5

Sounds like you are after a 5-frame bottom-less nuc box. I have seen plywood designs where you can put two, side by side on a standard sized base board with a divider in the middle. You can stack boxes , and fit individual migratory lids on each stack, or a standard-sized lid over both.  I'd be happy to cut the components from plywood. A search on google would probably provide some design ideas. Find me at the meeting on Wednesday, if you are coming, and we can talk about it.

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