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Nucs and Bee Hives for Sale

Hi I have 2 Full Depth Nucs for Sale in Coreflute boxes. I would want you to bring 5 new Full Depth Waxed Frames as Replacements and you get to take the box with the Frames and Bees home. My Price for these Nucs is $275.00. I also Have 2 Full Depth  1 Box Hives for Sale. You would need to provide your own Full Depth Hive with Base,and Bee Box, Waxed Frames and top Board and Lid, I would swap your 10 new Waxed Frames for the ones I put into your new Hive. My price for these will be $350.00. Both the Nucs and the Hives have had Varroa treated and Checked for AFB and have new Laying Queens marked green. You can contact me on 0274459303. I am Located in Titahi Bay, Porirua,Thanks Geoff Hall.

Beehives for Sale

Two hives - previously caught swarms, now going really well.  Have been checked for AFB, and treatment with oxyalic recently.

Both are in full depth boxes, one has FD box added, and the other 3/4 box added.  Both have at least 10 frames of brood, so Queenie is working hard.

One on mesh base, the other on wooden base.  

Either can transfer to boxes, or purchase/replace boxes, frames and bases.  Up for negotiation.

Price negotiable depending on whether buyer wants boxes, frames and bases, but ranges from $300 - $350.

Registered beekeepers 5108.

These girls are ready for a new home, and are really going well. 

Contact us on 021926823, or email cameronjhepburn@gmail.com
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