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Nucs too buy

After nuc too buy full depth 

2019 Nucs

Hi John

Nucs with overwintered queens are currently available from member Mark Grenfell in Eastbourne (Ph 562-8102). The Club has a few overwintered nucs which are currently held for the participants in the Club's Beginners Course. Some of these may become available to other members later. 

Nucs with new mated laying queens are not yet available within the Club (likely to be at least a month away). However nucs with new queens may be available from mid Oct from Gary Milne, Manukau - Phone 027-248-9419 : www.southernsun.co.nz

John Burnet

2019 Nucs

Club member John Randall advises he still has some 3/4 size overwintered nucs for sale at $250. You will need to take your 10 frame box plus 5 assembled, wired and waxed frames, hive base, hive mat, roof and ratchet tie-downs etc or 5 frame coreflute nuc box to John in South Karori. John also requires 5 new un-assembled replacement frames.  Phone 476-9959 for details.

Nuc available

Hi John,

Noticed your interest in  Full Depth nuc.

I can supply this for $300 with a proven overwintered queen.

Please note I no longer have a landline.

Contact by TXT 0274473337

cheers Mark

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