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Overwintered nucs for sale

I have 25 overwintered nucs that are expanding rapidly. Most are currently occupying 10 frames from which I will make a nuc up for you. 

Both 3/4 or f/d frame available.

They will be available from 15th Sept. This will enable you to get started early  in the season and your bees will be well established for summer.

Feb & Mar Autumn 2018 grafted queens. Autumn varroa treatment Bayvarol. Winter treatments of oxalic vapour.

You will get.

3-4  frames of brood and 2-1 of nectar/pollen - all frames wood.

A marked 2018 well mated queen.

Heaps of bees.

They will come in a hive doctor coreflute box for easy transportation.


Mark Grenfell TXT 0274473337