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Oxalic vaporising iron - Venom Pro- for sale $100

Two years old. A fantastic unit but I now have too many hives and have upgraded to the Provap 200.

Oxalic acid vapour is great for treating hives when there is a brood break i.e. may-june when queens stop laying,  captured swarms and splits.

Still good for treatments outside of this but needs to be done often as it will not get mites under capped brood. The bonus it is about 10c a treatment and it is very gentle on the bees. Safe to use with supers on.

I have a two batteries that I can throw in as well. These are not holding charge as well as they used too but will still do a couple of hives each.

Mark Grenfell 0274473337

oxalic vaporising iron


i know you posted this ages ago but just checking in case its still for sale?



Hi Tracy,

Hi Tracy,

Yes my vaporizor is still available.

Please TXT/phone me for details 0274473337


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