Swarms - Do you have a swarm of bees?

If you have a swarm of bees on your property, or on neighbouring public land, then you can use the following steps to deal with it:

  1. Use the Find someone to collect a swarm link from the menu above. You can call the person and arrange for the swarm to be collected
  2. Complete the Swarm Report form, which can also be accessed from the menu above. Someone will then call you back to arrange for the swarm to be collected
  3. Phone Frank Lindsay, John Burnet, or Richard Braczek on the number given in Club Info above. One of these people will try to find someone to collect your swarm.
  4. Phone the council for the area you live in and report the matter. They will either contact a known beekeeper or a pest exterminator to deal with the matter.

Notes about swarms:

Bee swarms are generally very docile and you are unlikely to receive a sting from the bees.  However, this can change if the bees have been hanging about for several days as they will be hungry and annoyed by then.

Bees in a swarm are looking for a new home, so they will cluster on a branch or other suitable location while some of their number scout for sites to establish a new hive.  They will all move off once a suitable location has been found

If a bee swarm moves into a wall or roof cavity on your property, then you will probably need to call a pest exterminator to remove/kill them as that is beyond the capability of most club members.

Bees flying in and out of a compost heap or wood pile are most likely bumble bees rather then honey bees.  Bumble bees are quite gentle and should be left alone, as the colony will die out in the autumn.  Beekeepers are not interested in collecting bumble bees.

"bees flying in and out of a hole in the ground are most likely wasps, which should be avoided.  You will need to get a pest exterminator to remove wasps from your property.