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reorientate hive 45 degrees

How do I turn my hive 45 degrees i.e. hive in same spot but entrance in different place?  What's the best way to do this? If I want to make several small changes such as turning the hive and then moving it a metre away from original position should I do everything at once or break it down into smaller steps? has anyone used a hand truck to move a five box high hive?


I would turn the hive and

I would turn the hive and move it 1 meter all at once, you might see some confused bees but they will find the enterance, if your Hive is 5 boxes high, just unstack the hive and move the base to the new spot and re stack the hive.

I recently move a swarm from inside a dead tree, I got all the bees in a box with the queen and move the box down the tree eventually to the ground, then over a fence all 1 meter at a time.


Thanks Darren. Good to hear about yr experience. Moving the swarm must have taken a lot of patience. Hope it's doing well!

Hi Dwyllis, the swarm is
Hi Dwyllis, the swarm is going good, it’s about 50 meters away from my other hives, I can only move it 1 meter a week as I only go to this site once a week, so it’s going to take a while to move it to the other hives unless I take it home and bring it back the following week.
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