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Sawdust looking powder on my used frames

When looking at frames I had taken off the hive a couple of months ago and stored in plastic shopping bags I see that there is now a sawdust looking powder gathering in the bag and around the frames. What is this stuff? It is the colour of sawdust and quite fine. No insects are visible.


fine sawdust

You will find that this has been caused by wax moth lavae eating their way through the comb.  Look for any sticky weblike stuff which is where the eggs of the wax moth are.  When I take out empty frames from the hive I put them in a plastic bag and into the freezer for three days which will kill any wax moth, lavae and eggs. I can then store these in a dry place till i need them in the spring.



Probably pollen dust - a residue left by the pollen mite. Both are completely harmless. In fact you could say the pollen mite is a beneficial insect in that it breaks down old hard pollen pellets that bees can't use.

I usually go through my empty frames a couple of times during winter to sort good frames from those that need re-waxing and at the same time striking the old brood frames while horizontal against a hard surface so that the pollen dust and any old dried pollen pellets) fall out. You will need to do this for both sides.

Refer : https://www.nzbees.net/threads/what-sort-of-mite.10737/

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