AFB in the area. Hi all,...

AFB in the area. Hi all, as you will know if your apiary is registered with Assure Quality, there has been an outbreak of AFB in out area. You will have been advised to undertake extra surveillance over the next 18 months, so make sure you are being particularly thorough with your AFB checks. If you need a hand to do this, or don't feel confident, please ask for help or get someone to do it with you.

Also, be very wary of picking up swarms this season (and always, really) Don't add a swarm to an existing hive, house it seperately and check it often for disease until you are sure it is disease-free.

Its an early spring this year, make sure you are on top of your varroa control and make sure there is enough space in your hives for the queen to lay and the bees to make honey!

Cheers, Jane