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hi all, we are now 7 members!  welcome to Stuart.  

Swarm season is well and truly upon us, I've been to 3 swarm events in the last two weeks and that is probably only the tip of the iceberg.  A warm still day after a few days of inclement weather will set a swarm-ready hive off, so be on the look-out for extra activity around your hives.  Inspect often and be ready to split a hive to take off the pressure.  There are lots of queen cells around now, so if you want to split a hive and don't have a queen cell, put out a call and someone can probably help.




I have bees!

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I brought home a nuc from Waikanae with a virgin queen from the Waikato on Wednesday, I plan to transfer to a hive sometime next week, I'm at 12 Mairangi Road, I'm feeling the weight of responsibility, I hope they are warm enough...