Keep an eye out for swarming still!!

Hi all, Happy New Year and I hope your hives and holidays are going well.  The pohutukawa is finally flowering all around us and your bees will be pulling in the nectar.  Make sure you have enough space for them to put it all.

And, even though swarm season is supposedly behind us, it is still possible... keep an eye on your brood chambers also and if necessary, split a hive to take the pressure off.  Remember that if the hive creates swarm cells, it wants to swarm and removing the swarm cells will not remove the swarm urge.  Pre-empt the swarm by giving them more space or simulating a swarm by splitting the hive.

Keep an eye out for varroa also, now is the time of year that the varroa starts to ramp up in numbers.

Cheers, Jane



I can vouch for that. Big

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I can vouch for that. Big swarm in Brooklyn on Tuesday right in the middle of the shops by the bus stop. Another beekeeper beat me to it. Probably a good thing! No room in my hives!

In terms of Varroa. Besides sticky board, should we do a bee wash?


Totes! My hive swarmed as

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Totes! My hive swarmed as well. Managed to catch them in the act just as I was arriving home from being out, and wrangle them into a new beehive. A split, the natural way – stoked.

The new hive with the old queen is laying beautifully. They pulled their entire new box in under 4 days! Insane.

And the old hive has a recently hatched virgin queen. Give or take a few days, and hopefully she starts laying too.

Any tips on preventing afterswarms?


Managed to catch a Swarm on the 9th of January.

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Had two bait hives out since late November 2016 and then on the 9th of January I had a huge swarm move into one of them.  The bait hive consisted out of a full size Langsdorff hive and it's packed full of bees.

I'm extremely please with the results. Especially after I lost both my hives in the previous season(2015).