Spring Checks

hi everyone, I hope some of you had the opportunity to take advantage of Sunday afternoon's sunshine to check your hives for spring. Queens are beginning to lay again for spring and the bee population can grow quickly. Make sure your hives have enough stores to feed the growing hive, especially as the bees will not be flying every day - the weather can still be wet and windy. Drone numbers will be increasing in the hives in preparation for mating. Check for varroa and apply your spring treatment now before the main honey flow. Tidy up around your hives and clean out the base boards and make sure your hive are good and stable for the summer. It's almost swarm season, so look for queen cells and/or overcrowded hives and be prepared to take a split or give your hive more growing room. I checked my hives this weekend, with the assistance of a couple of interested newcomers - having someone to watch you and ask questions is a good way to make you think about what you are doing and why. Even if you only have a little experience, sharing it with someone else is hugely beneficial. Remember to note what you have seen and take photos as a record.