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A local support group for WBA members in the Wadestown, Wilton, Northland, Thorndon area.  

The group's purpose is to encourage the sharing of information and ideas among group members to improve our knowledge and skills.  Group members are encouraged to post comments and questions for other members of the group.  


Bait hive

I put a bait hive onto my bee shed this afternoon during the warm spell. A full size box with two old empty brood frames and four frames with foundation.  I also put a few drops of Lemongrass essential oil into the doorway. PK told me that this will attract swarming bees looking for a new home.  it is a precaution against one of my hives swarming...... I hope to catch them before they go too far.  Eva

Swarming circumvented?

With help from Eva and Alan, we opened my active hive today, to split it and prevent it swarming.  We couldn't find the queen, and there was no sign of eggs, so we think the hive has already swarmed.  Lots of swarm cells - at least a dozen, so we've created a new hive, with two capped queen cells, left two capped cells with the original hive, put two swarm cells in the split I took last week and Eva took two queen cells home.    The other swarm cells were damaged with the movement of the frames and have become chook food....

Hive inspection, Sunday at 1pm

hi all, I'm planning to take a look at the split/nuc that I took last week, and also to check the swarm I collected on Monday evening.  Tomorrow early afternoon looks like the best time, so if you're interested come along at 1pm

My address is 71 Wilton Rd, Wilton.  ph 4994123.

Cheers, Jane

Taking a split - part 2

(I think I overshot the word limit on my first post...)

Today I topped up the frame feeder with sugar syrup and removed the grass from the entrance.  Next weekend I'll have a look at the split and see what is happening.  If anyone would like to come when I open the hive, reply to this post and I'll let you know when I'm going to do that.  



Taking a split

On Friday 30th I opened my hives for the first time in a few weeks. My very active hive looked like it would need a new box, which it did, and I wanted to check on brood and queen activity in my other two hives.  In the very active hive I found one frame with two queen cells, a capped swarm cell and an uncapped supesedure cell.  I took that frame, and another one of brood, and put them in a new box with 4 frames of bees and a frame feeder (and a couple of drawn frames to fill the box) My first split!  I stopped up the entrance with grass so the bees would stay inside.

Spring is early and watch for swarms

hi again, you will have noticed lots of activity with the hives recently, spring is early so make sure you get into your hives and check your queens have enough space for laying and your bees for making honey...

and as per my last post about AFB locally, be extra careful if you collect any swarms in the area.  Keep the swarm separate from your existing hives and inspect frequently for AFB and other diseases.  Don't merge the swarm with an existing hive until you are sure it is disease free.

AFB in the area. Hi all,...

AFB in the area. Hi all, as you will know if your apiary is registered with Assure Quality, there has been an outbreak of AFB in out area. You will have been advised to undertake extra surveillance over the next 18 months, so make sure you are being particularly thorough with your AFB checks. If you need a hand to do this, or don't feel confident, please ask for help or get someone to do it with you.

Spring Checks

hi everyone, I hope some of you had the opportunity to take advantage of Sunday afternoon's sunshine to check your hives for spring. Queens are beginning to lay again for spring and the bee population can grow quickly. Make sure your hives have enough stores to feed the growing hive, especially as the bees will not be flying every day - the weather can still be wet and windy. Drone numbers will be increasing in the hives in preparation for mating. Check for varroa and apply your spring treatment now before the main honey flow.

Hive check this weekend. ...

Hive check this weekend. hi all, I'm going to open my hives this weekend and check how they are doing. Saturday or Sunday afternoon. If you're interested , you're welcome to come and take a look with me. I'll confirm the day later in the week. jane

Welcome to two new members...

Welcome to two new members to the group - now we are 12! I hope your bees are getting out and about in this on and off summer weather. There is still plenty flowering and the nectar is still coming in. If you plan to extract this year, you can book one of the club extractors from John Burnet. They are popular, so get in early. Remember to ensure you leave your bees with at least a box of honey to take them through the winter (8 full depth frames of honey or 10-12 3/4 depth. frames)

queens laying

On the last sunny day this week (Tuesday) I looked at my split and small nuc which i made about a month or so ago.

I was heartened to see some eggs and very young lavae in both boxes.  Now I just have to wait another week to see whether these are worker bees or drones.

Rewarewa trees in Trellisick Park  are starting to flower, as well are the cabbage trees in the garden so it seems that the honey flow is starting despite the miserable weather.



hi everyone

hi all, we are now 7 members!  welcome to Stuart.  

Swarm season is well and truly upon us, I've been to 3 swarm events in the last two weeks and that is probably only the tip of the iceberg.  A warm still day after a few days of inclement weather will set a swarm-ready hive off, so be on the look-out for extra activity around your hives.  Inspect often and be ready to split a hive to take off the pressure.  There are lots of queen cells around now, so if you want to split a hive and don't have a queen cell, put out a call and someone can probably help.


Queen Swarm Cells

Hi, I had a quick look at my hive and saw about 6 decent sized queen cells. Tormorrow morning I plan to split the hive and will use two of the cells, so will dispose of the other cells. If you would like to take one, let me know.  0273118700


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