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Tutin testing - when and how

When does the club send off samples to get tested for tutin?

How do you collect a sample when you want to have cut comb instead of the regular running honey?



Tutin Testing

Hi Rien

Refer my email to all members dated 12 Jan (I will send you another copy).

Basically though you need to collect a 50gm sample of your honey in a standard plastic specimen jar which I can provide (or you can provide your own), return it to me and I will dispatch to the lab for composite tutin testing whenever I get to 10 samples. I have already dispatched the first 10 samples from members and expect the results in the next couple of days.

I will have more free specimen jars at the 7 Feb & 7 March meetings and you can hand me your sample then or earlier if you like. I will dispatch the next batch when I receive 10 samples. This process will continue as long as members continue to give me samples. Cost is likely to be $20 per sample which should be paid in due course to the Club's account 031534 - 0009311 - 00. I will email everyone once exact cost is known.

Honey for the tutin test sample can be cut from the comb or from blended honey provided there's about 50 gms of honey in the specimen jar - excluding wax.


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