Has anyone seen such things?

Hi James,

Here in New Zealand, I have been working around hives where a few wasps from neighbouring nests were stealing some honey or sugar water (from feeders). Personally, I have never seen:

  • Wasps attacking hives in big numbers, or in numbers growing rapidly
  • Wasps attacking hives in a seemingly co-ordinated way
  • Wasps eliciting alarm and group defence in honey bee colonies
  • Wasps clearly causing the collapse of honey bee colonies

Anyone that has been observing or is currently witnessing anything similar is very welcome to let me know. I would be happy to visit and observe what is going on, try a substance that might work as a deterrent, and possibly locate the wasp nest and destroy/relocate it for research purposes. Please let me know! Thank you






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Hi everyone,

I am looking for common wasp nests (see attachment to distinguish common wasps from the German wasps). If any part of the nest is visible, you can have an idea about the wasp species from the nest color: common wasp nests have envelopes mottled brown, German wasp nests are more uniform and greyish.

I am also after paper wasp (Polistes) nests.

If anyone has located one wasp nest that can be dug up or taken away, please let me know. I am happy to come and deal with it. Thank you very much!

Davide (0221216646)