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A local support group for WBA members in Korokoro / Normandale / Belmont / Kelson

The group's purpose is to encourage the sharing of information and ideas among group members to improve our knowledge and skills.  Group members are encouraged to post comments and questions for other members of the group.  

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AFB 2nd opinion needed ASAP...

AFB 2nd opinion needed ASAP. I recently inspected my hives and I have found signs that look like AFB. I have also recently completed and passed the AFB recognition course, so I think I know what I’m looking for. With that said, I don’t want to right off two hives without a second opinion, can anyone help – preferably some with AFB experience? Note: - I have also emailed Assure Quality to enquire about test procedure, they also asked me to get a second opinion before they would test. I based in Belmont Lower Hutt Regards, Jim 027 456 5891

Can anyone spare a 3/4...

Can anyone spare a 3/4 brood frame? One of my hives hit hard by mites despite having Bayvarol in for 5 weeks now. Down to one box and bugger all brood. Have changed treatments and will also get some formic acid in there, but am in need of giving the brood a boost. My other hive is full height so can't swap a frame over. Any help greatly appreciated. I'm in Brooklyn.

Does anyone use the...

Does anyone use the polystyrene hives from Paradise Honey, what are your thoughts on them, how are they working for you so far, durability etc. The link to the website .Just wondering about them as they seem like a good product, any info will be appreciated. Thank you

AFB alert

Hi Western Hills beekeepers Bad news - I've just discovered AFB in one of my two hives at the top of Park Road. I've killed the bees this evening (waited for field bees to come home), and wrapped the hive in industrial gladwrap to keep the others out. I'll destroy this weekend. My other hive at the moment looks in excellent health - I've been through one brood box thoroughly, but was getting cold so I'll do another complete inspection first chance I get with reasonable weather.

Inspection for afb

Attention beekeepers

I appreciate if someone out there who can help me fill out forms and do a hive inspection for AFB. 

I live in Stokes Valley Lower Hutt.

I can pay for your service .

please let me know how much you would charge.


best regards

Seyedomid Zoie


Field Day in Lower Hutt - All Welocme

Sunday Dec.18 at 11am.

Location 215 Normandale Rd.

We have 5 hives here all in various stages.  We'll open each hive in turn and look thru them, discuss where each one is up to, and decide on the next best thing for each. Should be a great session for newbies as well as to those with abit more experience.

I know its very close to Xmas so many may not be able to make it, but I'm interested in getting something happening with the interest groups in Lower Hutt so thought this could be a good way to start.

Swarm available to new Western Hills member

A swarm has just moved into my bait hive, which has a number of really old reject frames. They are currently cleaning them up in order to use them. I am not interested in keeping this swarm so would like to offer it to a new western hills member.

If you are interested then please ring me on 021-469 655. You will need to bring a box with some frames (drawn or foundation) which we will give to the swarm, and they will move onto these in preference to the old frames. You will then be able to take the hive home.  Four or five frames into a nuc box would be ideal.


Looking for help splitting hives

I have 3 hives literally brimming with bees which need splitting as soon as possible. 

A friend asked me to manage his hives as he was too busy.  I jumped at the opportunity, but after looking into the hives last Sunday as a preliminary to splitting I think it'd be really helpful if I had someone experience with me while splitting at least one of them.

If anyone has time to help that would be much appreciated. Could possibly make it a group session, reliable weekend weather could be a problem though.

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