Looking for help splitting hives

I have 3 hives literally brimming with bees which need splitting as soon as possible. 

A friend asked me to manage his hives as he was too busy.  I jumped at the opportunity, but after looking into the hives last Sunday as a preliminary to splitting I think it'd be really helpful if I had someone experience with me while splitting at least one of them.

If anyone has time to help that would be much appreciated. Could possibly make it a group session, reliable weekend weather could be a problem though.



Hive location?

James Scott's picture

Hi Rodger. Can you please give a location for the hives that you are seeking to split?



The hives are at 215

Rodger Campbell's picture

The hives are at 215 Normandale Rd.  Last club night I went along to Upper Hutt group as I have a hive in Akatarawa Rd.as well. But these are way outside their area so thought it more appropriate to ask the local group.