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Buying new suit- advice please

I'm looking at buying a beekeeping suit but want to get one that is good quality, easy to maintain, and will protect me well.  I know that quality varies and don't want to buy-and-regret my purchase.  Any advice re brands, sources please?


Hi Carol

I sell Pakistani-made bee-suits - full and half suits (jacket style) with fencing type veils. They are available in a range of about 10 sizes, unisex but should be baggy anyway to allow for easy movement. They are a lightweight white cotton with thumb and ankle loops and lots of pockets. Cost $80. They are ideal for hobbyists - I've replaced one veil in the 3 years I've been importing and selling them. No other complaints. Also have children's suits and half suits.

I also sell EBS/Deans suits - NZ made - same design, heavier cotton - will probably last longer, male and female contoured - cost is $160 (female available in pink -$170). 

You are welcome to come to my place and try a couple on or in need I can bring some to the monthly meeting.



Ph. 0274-379-062


Without wishing to contradict John, I bought one of the inexpensive Pakistani suits, and have replaced it now with an EBS / Deans suit. The bee veil in my original suit sprung several holes, and is not so comfortable as the EBS / Deans suit. I think the extra dollars translate to extra quality, comfort and durability in the long run.

Just sayin'

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