Report a swarm

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The Wellington Beekeepers Club offers a service to the public to collect honey-bee swarms.  However, before completing the following form, we recommend that you try to locate a member in your area who has offered to collect swarms by going to the "Swarm Collectors" page. Click on any of the markers to get a name and phone number, plus any availability details.

If you are unable to locate someone to collect your swarm and you would like it removed by a member of the Wellington Beekeepers Association, then please complete the following form and click the "submit" button. You will be contact by a member of the Association, and arrangements made for the swarm to be collected.

Provide your name
Provide a phone number where you can be contacted
Provide the address of the property where the swarm is located
Please describe in as much detail as possible, the location of the swarm on the property. Please specify things such as whether is is high up in a tree, in building roof or wall cavities, etc.
Please describe when the swarm arrived, and how long it has been in its current location.
Please add any other information that might be useful to the member assigned to collect the swarm.